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SciQuest eProcurement

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Enter the Tulane University eCommerce Market Place with SciQuest eProcurement.

Use eProcurement to find and purchase the goods and services needed for your work and research at Tulane University.

This site provides a familiar online shopping experience and negotiated pricing from Tulane University's preferred suppliers.

Questions or Comments about SciQuest and eProcurement?     504-865-5211

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 There are no SciQuest sessions scheudled at this time.

eProcurement Introduction Presentation updated 2017-08-28

UPDATED! Nat Acct List for Check Requests [printable PDF]

List of natural account codes that will be accepted for eProcurement check requests. (updated 2017-08-21)

NEW! Tulane Buy-Pay Matrix [printable PDF]

A guide to purchasing categories corelated with natural account codes, preferred suppliers, and payment methods. (update 2017-11-20)

eProcurement "How-To" Articles
How do I request TAMS access to setup an eProcurement Requester?
How do I determine my eProcurement role?
How do I turn off eProcurement Purchase Requisition email notifications?
What are Requester Spending Limits?
How do I change a PR's shopper and why might I want to do this?

eProcurement Training and Reference
SciQuest eProcurement Quick Reference Guide
SciQuest eProcurement Module 1 - Getting Started
SciQuest eProcurement Module 2 - Cart Creation
SciQuest eProcurement Module 3 - Requisition Creation
SciQuest eProcurement Module 4 - Requisition Approval
SciQuest eProcurement Module 5 - Receiving
SciQuest eProcurement Module 6 - Invoice Approval
SciQuest eProcurement Module 7 - Reporting



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