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Policies & Procedures: Linen Room Rates

Tulane University

Health Sciences Center Linen Room Rates

Rental Plans:

Customer is charged whether coat is cleaned or not.     

            Type Plan                  Cost                             Service

3 / 1                            $23.00/month               1 clean coat per week

5 / 2                            $44.00/month               2 clean coats per week

7 / 3                            $65.00/month               3 clean coats per week

 Rental Plan termination procedures:

  • Customer returns all coats
  • Customer is given receipt listing coats returned
  • Materials Management removes Customer from plan with vendor.
  • Customer will continue to be charged if rental coats are not returned.  Vendor continues to charge us the same price as the on-going plan.  If the customer knows that they have lost coats, they will be charged $32.00 for each missing coat to discontinue the plan.    

 Ownership Plans:

Customer buys coat and only pays when cleaned.

            Type Product                                    Cost                             Cleaning

Cotton/Poly regular coat                    $35.00                         $5.75

Cotton/Poly long coat                        $38.50                         $5.75

100% Cotton coat                             $66.00                         $11.00

Embroidery (any coat)                       $26.00

            Sew-on Tulane Patch                         $10.00

Last Updated: June 01, 2010

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